Saturday, June 08, 2013

by the sea

Just finished By the Sea Sampler by Sweetheart Tree. :)

Didn't take very long when I actually took time out to stitch.  A couple of tiny modifications were made - I used a real pearl instead of the plastic one provided (in the large shell near the top) and the wavy line under the text was originally the same color as the words.  I changed it to ecru so it wouldn't look like it was running into the letters.

I was a badass and did most of the motifs over one as suggested in the instructions. *flex*

I do have the chart for the matching fob, but my next "small" project will be Charmed Hearts by Shepherd's Bush.  It's a little bigger than I'd normally choose for a small, but since there's so many individual motifs it should feel like it goes by fast.

We'll see if I'm crying about it in a week. ;)


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