Sunday, June 02, 2013

a tiny revolution!

I got tired of trying to make progress on all my big projects... and they're ALL big projects at this point.  Sure, I'd make visible progress, but it seemed like such a little bit when compared to the grand scale of the whole project.

So I said THAT'S IT, I'm starting something small!

I finished it too. ;)

Here's Wild Violets by the Sweetheart Tree.  I started on Friday night and finished before bed on Saturday, so this was less than 24 hours start to finish... and those 24 hours included a lot of sleeping and errands too!

What really kills me is that the chart photos and even the STree website have AWFUL pictures of every single design.  Why have a promo pic for your work that's only 300 pixels wide, and that 300 pixels includes the decorative junk surrounding the finished object?  If I didn't know how nice these looked stitched up, I'd dismiss STree designs as crap.  That's just sad. :(

So... as a reward for finishing, I'm starting another tiny STree design!  It's a kit called By The Sea Sampler, and it's a teeny band sampler with all sorts of ocean motifs.  I wonder how far I can get today...


  1. I love our finish - so very much, I went to the website, but did not find a CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE button --

  2. Wow that looks so great for such a quick cross stitch! Congrats on your finish. I know what you mean about how overwhelming some of our projects can be. I like your idea of any finish is an achievement not matter how big or small. You are so Right!!!
    I couldn't find the website, which is probably a good thing LOL!
    xox Alicia

    1. I remember when I first started stitching again and something like this would have taken me forever! It's amazing how quickly it worked up.

      Not trying to enable or anything but... :p

  3. Great finish! Small designs are so satisfying, and a great way to take a break while still stitching.

  4. Very sweet! Maybe you should send them your picture so they can use it!

  5. I love that design, it's great having small finishes! Your photo really show the beautiful stitching and does a real credit to the designer. I would send a photo to the designer, I'm sure they would love to see your work.

  6. I agree with the others! Your photo of your beautiful stitching would certainly help them with sales! LOL. The colors are so pretty.


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