Tuesday, May 07, 2013

okay, this mermaid is getting old...

When will she be FINISHED?

I thought her hair would never end.  It finally did... after forever!

I think I messed up the position of the top portion of her right arm, though... the urn didn't line up correctly when I started it and used that as the reference point.  Soooo I restarted it from her left hand, and maybe it'll work out.  Or maybe I'll have to rip the arm part out and redo it.  It looks kind of disconnected from the rest of the arm anyway, like her elbow is back too far or the arm is too far forward...


At least the end is in sight.  Hoping for a happy dance this weekend!


  1. Good luck for your happy dance on the weekend:)

  2. good luck dear..
    big hugs x

  3. Hope you can have your happy dance this weekend!

  4. She is looking great! I hope you won'r have to forg, it's always such a bother. Wishing you a happy finish dance soon :)


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