Thursday, May 02, 2013

mermaids & stash

Creeping closer to a finish on Mediterranean Mermaid... had some trouble with her hair as I had a wonky skein of 3031, but that got sorted out and everything's good now.

Also got a bit of a (pathetic, haha) start on Gypsy Mermaid...

And I haven't posted any of my stashy acquisitions in ages!  Some of this is from the end of last year, so it's not QUITE as bad as it looks.  Now, if I added in fabric stash, that would be a bit more scary, but I'm not willing to admit to that quite yet. :p

Speaking of fabric stash, I've made a deal with my wife... no fabric until I have a finish.  Each finish is worth a point, and I can use a point to buy either a FQ of fabric or a new start.  This should be really nice for me as I want more finishes, and I need to slow down on the fabric buying.  A LOT.

So... time to get going on MM. :)


  1. Wow sweet stitching and super lovely stash x

  2. Love the word WONKY -- I am not clear on exactly the meaning - but I will be sure to use it when I think it works ---- LOVE IT.

    Also new stash Starbursts & Stripes so very nice, and in your first picture the Butterfly - must have..

    1. Wonky means something is a little weird or wrong. In this case, the skein was off color a bit and matched the other brown in her hair almost exactly! Not a good look. :)

      I actually have an extra Starbursts & Stripes... I put it in my cart and I already had one in there. Oops! Do you want it? :) Email me -

  3. Wonderful stash! And your mermaid is beautiful!

  4. MM is looking good, and great start in the Gypsy! I'm already loving those reds.

  5. Great stash collection! Mediterranean Mermaid is looking fantastic, and I love your new start on Gypsy :)

  6. Loving the mermaid, she looks great! Nice stash, saw a few I like - oh, no!

  7. Beautiful selection of patterns! Mermaid is gorgeous!


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