Sunday, May 26, 2013

crazy color changes...!

Blaaah, there are SO MANY color changes in the flower buds in the border, too!  I'm not sure if there's as many colors as there were on the inside buds (a nice round 20!) but it feels like just as much of a challenge.  Clearly I've gotten lazy and used to easier stitching. :p

Progress so far:

I can never resist an angled shot of beads:

This outer border will be slow going!

I'm trying to reach the very outer corner so I can switch between the flowers and border if I start to get frustrated with one or the other.

Still need to figure out what to do about long rows of beads not fitting.  Columns are fine as the beads aren't as tall as they are wide.  I thought about turning them on their sides but I think I'll end up removing 2 or 4 beads per long row.  It's so sad, they allllmost fit!  I bet just 2 would be enough for them to settle down nicely.


  1. It looks amazing! Very beautiful. I haven't used beads in cross-stitch, so not sure what solution to suggest/appreciate. Good luck though. Looking forward to seeing more done on this piece.

  2. A lot of work but it looks amazing :D

  3. It looks wonderful!

    I think removing a bead or two is probably the best solution. Remember, you will be looking at it up on the wall, not close to your face.

  4. Stunning work!! I guess I would leave a bead or two out as well to make it fit. The colours are gorgeous on this project.
    Alicia xo

  5. This is amazing! I love turquoise on black. I think I'd go for the leave a couple of beads out option, turning them on the side might look odd.

    I do enjoy an angled bead photo too!

  6. May be frustrating with confetti stitches, but your work is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. The dragonflies are gorgeous! Love the angled photo of beads.


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