Sunday, May 26, 2013

crazy color changes...!

Blaaah, there are SO MANY color changes in the flower buds in the border, too!  I'm not sure if there's as many colors as there were on the inside buds (a nice round 20!) but it feels like just as much of a challenge.  Clearly I've gotten lazy and used to easier stitching. :p

Progress so far:

I can never resist an angled shot of beads:

This outer border will be slow going!

I'm trying to reach the very outer corner so I can switch between the flowers and border if I start to get frustrated with one or the other.

Still need to figure out what to do about long rows of beads not fitting.  Columns are fine as the beads aren't as tall as they are wide.  I thought about turning them on their sides but I think I'll end up removing 2 or 4 beads per long row.  It's so sad, they allllmost fit!  I bet just 2 would be enough for them to settle down nicely.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

four shining dragonflies

I never work on what I plan to do. :p  Beaded Dragonfly Tile came out to play today - finished up the inner border (minus beads as I'm still working out how to fit it all on 32ct) and started on the dense rhodes stitches on the outside of the border.  I'm not sure about the color of the stitches but I think I'll just leave it...

Or maybe I'l find something similar without the purples.  I don't like that shade of muddy brownish purple and the color changes seem pretty harsh in this thread.  We'll see.

Without flash:

With flash:

I've been knitting this week too, so maybe I'll have a pic of that to post soon too!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

a million beads later...

She's finally done!  As usual, I'm terrible at taking pictures, so here are the two best:

Like before, I changed her tail to grey and beaded her appropriately.  This time, I replaced the icky yellowish beads with real pink pearls.  They put the glass beads to shame. :)

I'm VERY pleased with how she turned out this time, and relieved to have her all finished!

So that's one point for me in my little game... I can spend it on a new start of a FQ of fabric, but I think I'm going to save it for now and see how many I can get!

Next up will probably be Butterfly Garden as my wife is crying about wanting that one done. ;)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

okay, this mermaid is getting old...

When will she be FINISHED?

I thought her hair would never end.  It finally did... after forever!

I think I messed up the position of the top portion of her right arm, though... the urn didn't line up correctly when I started it and used that as the reference point.  Soooo I restarted it from her left hand, and maybe it'll work out.  Or maybe I'll have to rip the arm part out and redo it.  It looks kind of disconnected from the rest of the arm anyway, like her elbow is back too far or the arm is too far forward...


At least the end is in sight.  Hoping for a happy dance this weekend!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

unplanned day off...

Been sick with the Cold of Doom since Wednesday afternoon... so there's been a lot of gaming and a lot of stitching going on here.  I'm taking tomorrow off work too so I don't get anyone else sick (especially my coworkers who have young kids) so I'll keep on stitching...

Getting close to finishing all the stitching on my mermaid.  She's really lovely. :)

Hopefully she doesn't mind having a bunch of cat hair and cold bacteria stitched into her.  Oh well, she's half fish, she can't get people diseases... right?

Thursday, May 02, 2013

mermaids & stash

Creeping closer to a finish on Mediterranean Mermaid... had some trouble with her hair as I had a wonky skein of 3031, but that got sorted out and everything's good now.

Also got a bit of a (pathetic, haha) start on Gypsy Mermaid...

And I haven't posted any of my stashy acquisitions in ages!  Some of this is from the end of last year, so it's not QUITE as bad as it looks.  Now, if I added in fabric stash, that would be a bit more scary, but I'm not willing to admit to that quite yet. :p

Speaking of fabric stash, I've made a deal with my wife... no fabric until I have a finish.  Each finish is worth a point, and I can use a point to buy either a FQ of fabric or a new start.  This should be really nice for me as I want more finishes, and I need to slow down on the fabric buying.  A LOT.

So... time to get going on MM. :)