Wednesday, April 24, 2013

mmm, new start!

Aww yeah.  Since I'm STILL waiting on my order of the Mira mermaid that was released two months ago, I thought I'd go ahead and start the one that came out last Monday.  Already in my hot little hands thanks to Marty at Stitch & Frog - highly recommended shop! :)

The floss toss looks soooo weird, all those bright red/orange/yellow tones for a mermaid!  But I know she's going to be aaaaamazing.  I probably shouldn't start before finishing Mediterranean Mermaid, but you know how it is sometimes.  Speaking of MM, here's how she's doing:

After lots of color testing, I decided to go with a grey tail again.  This time, I'm not subbing DMC for all the Kreinik, but I don't have a suitable color in my stash so I'll have to take MM to the LNS this weekend for a special visit.  I'll try not to buy everything that never came from my other order while I'm there.

Seriously, SIX WEEKS of sitting on my order because ONE ITEM was backordered?  Ship what's in stock already!  I even offered to pay extra shipping costs for the other item because the shop would NOT cancel it, which pisses me off royally because I could have bought a PDF pattern from the designer's Etsy store and had it in less than 24 hours!

The next message I send about this BS is gonna be to my credit card to do a chargeback!


  1. Great fabric choice, it makes the colors even more WOW... I love the difference it makes in this chart - so pretty, I think I just have to buy it. Stitch & Frog - LOVE THEM

  2. Wow look at all that yummy colour floss. Looking forward to seeing this one stitch up. Love your fabric choice. Great progress too.

  3. I've experienced similar problems with an online shop. I really wish they were better about marking which items are back-ordered, and offering to ship partial orders, etc. I hope you order arrives soon.

    Mediterranean Mermaid is looking great.

  4. Sorry to hear about your troubes with the shop... I hope you get your order soon. But your new start looks sooo good!! I love the colours!

  5. On a good note, looks like you have enough to keep you busy until your order comes in! Your MM is looking lovely, the colours are great!


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