Saturday, March 23, 2013

slow progress...

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch this week... I keep getting distracted by other stuff. :(  It's annoying because I really want to do it, but I have the attention span of a ladybug and I end up playing video games or poking around online instead.  It's already 1pm here and I haven't done anything yet today!

Full view so far...

The flash washed out the colors a bit.

I really love the textured stitches in the corner!

I'm going to be ambitious and say I want to complete all four dragonflies this weekend.  And then I'll be realistic and say I'll actually finish outlining all four (one to go!) and bead one, so there will be two complete and two that are just waiting for beads.

In random gripes, I bought a few magazines on Zinio and the reader is such a piece of crap that it won't download anything new.  I'm giving up on that for now before I put my fist through the screen.  Also, the guy who was supposed to come mow the lawn at 9am didn't show up until about 11:30, which means we're trapped here at home instead of going to our usual Saturday lunch place.  I haven't eaten yet and I'm in a bad mood.  BOO. :x


  1. Sorry to hear about Zinio. I don't use it so can help. What a pain having to wait for the mower.

    On the plus side, your stitching and beading is looking absolutely stunning!

  2. Your stitching and beading is looking so sweet xx

  3. Oh my, it's beautiful! Great work with the beads, it looks just like a piece of jewellry

  4. I love adding beads to stitching... beautiful :)

  5. I hope that you get your lunch soon. Lovely stitching.

  6. So pretty! If it gets any better, I may have to add this one to my ever growing stash. ;)

  7. The dragonflies are beautiful! Sorry your lawn person was so late! Grrrr!


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