Friday, March 15, 2013

lots of beads

Seriously. A ridiculous amount of beads, really.  I've been dying to get a start on this cute little design and here it is after a few stitching sessions.

(Beaded Dragonfly Tile by Chatelaine)

I don't want to think about how many colors were in that flower bud.  And now I have to do three more of them... ahahaha. *sob*  Just kidding, it looks awesome and it's not THAT bad, I just got tired of threading up for four or five stitches!

Yes, the entire middle section IS beads.  Check it out from an angle to get the full effect!

I looooove dragonflies!  One of the story worlds my characters inhabit has a "race" (subspecies is more like it) of people with dragonfly wings who have traditional fairy powers like illusion and stuff like that.  So dragonflies are special to me. ^_______^


  1. It is truly looking so sweet x

  2. Pretty! I plan on starting this one tomorrow.

  3. Oh, the beads and the dragonfly are gorgeous!!

  4. Hello

    Just found your blog and became a follower.
    Your stitching is beautiful and those beads make it look great.

  5. It is really pretty - REALLY PRETTY. Hats off to you for doing all the beading. I have so little patience it is always a difficult chore. Thanks for sharing your progress

  6. Your stitching (and beading) is beautiful!


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