Friday, March 15, 2013

how did this happen? XD

Meet the WIP pile.  Ahahaha!  Where did all of these come from?  No wonder I haven't finished anything in a while. XD

I should probably take everything that's barely started and put it aside, so I can focus on things that have a chance of being finished sometime soon.  Hmm.

So it's actually 14 WIPs.  Sigh.  How many do YOU have?


  1. oh dear i have few..
    your ufo's are all so lovely..
    happy stitching x

  2. If I would really count all my WIP I think I would come to 8 or 9. I just love to have a lot to do and start a new one.
    Happy stitching,

  3. I have more than 20, but I am pretty sure less than 30. So I don't have as many as so many others. Be happy with your stitching. That's the most important thing. Your WIPs are beautiful

  4. I have 10 wips and so many more that I want to start.

  5. Sooooo many! :p
    I have one big (LK 6 fat men), finished a small pieçe this week, now I should start another small... So I think I usually go with a pair :) hehehe
    Enjoy your stitching!!

  6. 14 is OK I'd love to have so few! Last count was 33 but I've finished and started some since then so will count again at the end of the month.
    And if you think 33 is bad at one time it was 47!!!

  7. Hahahaha...more than Lindsay, and that's all I'm saying! =D


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