Friday, March 29, 2013

a break from black!

Because when you get tired of stitching on black, the logical solution is to start an "easy" project like a HAED.  Right?  RIGHT.

So this is Air ACEO by Sara Butcher... about 2200 of 31500 stitches, and I only started her a couple of days ago!  This is my first project on "magic guide" evenweave, which has a grid woven right into the fabric.  It's a 25ct fabric from DMC and I got it from a UK seller.  It's pretty amazing, I must say.  I only wish it came in 28ct to make things just a bit finer...

I added a progress bar for her in my menu bar... hopefully this will move fast.  White fabric plus gridding and parking equals speedy stitching!  It also helps that her background is only a few colors.

I now have a lucky 13 WIPs. :p


  1. I've never heard of magic guide. How interesting!

    Did you add the blue lines yourself? The only magic guide I could find just had the red lines.

    1. Hi! Yes, I added the blue lines with a washable fabric marker. The 25ct magic guide has blocks of 20x20 stitches, and I like to grid 10x10 so I added extra lines for reference. :)

  2. Lovely new chart, and I LOVE Magic Guide, I just wish it came in different counts and a few different colours :)

  3. What a lovely new start =) Great work =)

  4. Such a fantastic start on your HAED chart!

  5. Wow, fantastic start!
    May I ask, are the original lines washable, or are they going to stay after the stitching is done? Most of the kits sold here come with gridded fabric, yellow or orange lines, woven in the evenwave. But I usually substitute them as I always freak out that they will be visible through the lighter colours (others may not see them... but I do! XP)So for now I'm stuck with gridding it by myself


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