Sunday, February 24, 2013

tweet tweet :)

A while back, I bought an issue of Cross Stitcher magazine just for the cute booklet of bonus patterns. Well, okay, for the pattern on the cover of the booklet, because I had no idea what else was in it!  Yesterday I was feeling a bit bummed by my lack of progress on my large projects, and started the little birdie.  Isn't he CUTE?  I love the colors, and I'm going to finish him just like the cover shows, using a small hoop as a frame. :3

I changed the nest colors as the DMC selected were too green/yellow and they didn't match the cover picture.  I'm using 434, 436, and 676 instead of 420, 3045, and 3046... just in case this helps someone else. :)

Little Garden Helper by Lesley Teare:

And a floss toss for a redo of Mediterranean Mermaid... I got some good ideas on FB of how to salvage the one I already have (too close to the edge on one side) but I still want a perfect mermaid to frame.  Plus one of my good friends is stitching her too, and I can't resist a good SAL... :p

Well, back to Skyrim! Bwahaha!


  1. Love the little bird, it's so cute and you've got a lot done!

    I love the fabric, it looks like it's going to be perfect going by your floss toss. Hope she works out better this time :)

  2. The bird is adorable! I'm starting to learn, too, that stitching a small can help my mojo a bit.

    You know I love the floss toss colors. So pretty.

  3. The birdie is so cute - I have this booklet too - it has some very sweet designs!

  4. Aww the bird is so cute! And the floss toss for the mermaid is just gorgeous, I can't wait to see your start!

  5. your bird is lovely and your mermaid toss is gorgeous those colours are stunning.


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