Saturday, February 09, 2013

Transcendence - page 2 finish!

This is really only about half a page of stitching total, if that, but hey... since I'm stitching on black I'm going to take credit for anything I can. :)

As a reminder, here's what the full image looks like:

I may have to revise my monthly goals, I really want to work on my pretty boy this month!


  1. It's just gorgeous! It's going to be fabulous when it's done.

  2. Gorgeous, I am looking forward to seeing this. I have the mini version kitted up to start at some point, but when that will be I have no idea!

  3. Looks great, I love the idea of stitching him on black

  4. It looks amazing, the colours are standing out so beautifully( and yay for pretty boy,lol!)

  5. Lovely! Great choice to use the black.


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