Saturday, February 16, 2013

confessions of a fabric addict!

I have no exciting stitching pictures to show today as Transcendence is just a slowly-growing blob of green, mostly due to the new Skyrim expansion which has been eating much of my free time...  Hey, they set the DLC in Morrowind, okay, one of my favorite fictional places!  And everyone knows Morrowind was the best Elder Scrolls game, right?

RIGHT.  Enjoy this image of my character (Rahenna, of course) standing in a crater of smoking lava and suffering no ill effects.  What a badass. :p

Anyway, you're not here for nerd rambling, you want FABBY PICTURES!  Cuz that's what I've got today. Oho, and you thought this was going to be all about video games, huh?

In my quest to stop buying fabric, I've decided that knowledge is power.  If I know what I already have, I won't be tempted to buy another piece that's similar!

Behold - the gallery!

It's sorted by file name for now.  The file name lists the dyer, then fabric name, then type, and finally size.  So if you see PTP_Heroic_32B_FQ ...that means dyed by Picture This Plus, color Heroic, 32ct Belfast, fat quarter!

Other abbreviations are:

POL - Polstitches
SF - Steph's Fabby
SMF - Sugar Maple Fabrics (PS - hands off!)
SW - Silkweaver
UTS - Under the Sea

28 or 32 - fabric count
B - Belfast
L - Lugana
O - opal/glitter/shiiiiiny!

Let me put some of the best pics here as a teaser... :)

All pics were taken in natural sunlight with no flash.  The greens and yellows still didn't come out great, but I was able to do some color correction and the pictures are more or less accurate.

Sadly, I didn't take pictures of the PTP fat halves I have... but they're all Lugana and I've decided that I don't really LIKE their 32ct Lugana.  Bah.  I'll deal with that later!


  1. Wow lots of lovely fabric there. I must try out some hand dyed fabby at some point as I have the Joan Elliott collection book with LOTS of projects I want to do. I have played a bit of Skyrim but haven't had the time to play in a long while now. Hopefully once I finish up my course I will have more time for those things. I never played Morrowind, as Skyrim was my first Elder Scroll game I tried, but now I think I want to give it a go.

    1. Hand dyed fabric is great! The best thing is that now I can do my own overlays and pick from fabrics and charts I already own instead of being tempted by every shiny new thing! :)

      I just hit 230 hours of play time in Skyrim... I need an intervention. XD

      If you decide to play Morrowind, this site has a great explanation of how to make the game GORGEOUS.

      Here's a few screenshots from my game. :D

      Okay, maybe not as awesome as Skyrim but considering that the game is over 10 years old now, pretty good. :)

  2. Cheers to another fabby addict!


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