Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Are you sick of this bird yet?  Well, fine, this is the last* you'll see of him. :p

* until he's framed, ahaha

Taken without flash so the colors are a bit dark, but it's totally washed out with the flash so this will have to do.  Next up... get a hoop and frame as shown in the booklet!

Hmm, what to do now? :D

Oops, forgot this pic of my PR SAL piece.  I finally finished part four. :)


  1. Gorgeous birdie ... I was thinking of stitching him myself ... my library subscribes to Crossstitcher e-magazine, so pretty lucky as I normally don't purchase this one. Nice work on the sal.

  2. cute birdie...
    sweet stitching on your sal x

  3. Love the bird and look forward to seeing your finish - not bored at all!

  4. You bird is lovely!! Adorable =)

  5. That bird is so cute! Congrats on finishing him. Your PR sal is looking great too!

  6. Are you far from catching up with the SAL? I've awarded you the Liebster award. Information is on my blog :)


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