Sunday, February 17, 2013

a stunning lack of progress

This looks like a lot of progress but it's only because I held off on taking pictures for a while because I felt that there wasn't enough to show.  But I give up, here are some sad updates on four projects.  Gee, maybe spreading my efforts over multiple projects is WHY nothing's getting done on any of them...

First up, Angel Procession.  I added the cream/gold area on the incomplete angel on the right at the beginning of the month and haven't touched it again.  I think this was all done in one day.  Bah.

Transcendence is coming along, but I haven't worked on him in a few days.  I was hoping to have a page finish to show, but I guess this is pretty good anyway!

Then today I thought I'd work on Bluebeard's Princess.  But somehow I was defeated by all the color changes in her hair and I didn't feel like dealing with it.  It's hard to work a lot of different colors in one area when you're stitching a full cross.  So the pathetic blob of purpley blue at the bottom is all I did before moving on...

This is actually pretty good!  I'm almost done with part four of the PR SAL, just need to do a bit more of the purple in the border, plus a tiny more of the last scrolly bit.  Once I finish I'll only be four parts behind.  Yay?

Well, I guess it's not all that bad but I'm normally more focused than this, so it's kind of annoying to feel like I stitched a lot but didn't get anywhere.

I blame Skyrim.


  1. I love your variety of WIPS... Beautiful..

    Your posts make me smile...

    1. Thanks Melinda! Looking back on the post, you're totally right... each piece here is a completely different style! I like all different kinds of designs and designers. :)

  2. If you put all the stitches you did together, not bad! I really get annoyed doing confetti hair, too. Always happy when the hair is done.

  3. Great stitching. Greetings, Amarins

  4. Every little bit counts. I know what you mean I have been fiddling with projects recently and not really making any big progress on anything.


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