Monday, January 07, 2013

January & general 2013 goals

Oops, forgot about this. :p

For December, I had:
- finish Octopus Treasure Cave - all done!
- finish Titania (for real this time) - no, but I did a TON of work on her so I'm happy!
- PR mystery SAL (up through part six) - haha NO

New January goals:
- finish Bluebell pixie
- finish Titania (sooo close now!)
- maybe page 2 of Transcendence...
- no craft shopping (aside from DMC and outstanding orders)

Stash levels are getting crazy, so it's time to cut back.  Plus I need to start saving for my next car, so every time I shop but don't buy, I mentally add that money to my car fund.  I've "saved" $150 already! :p

I also signed up for a 13 finishes in 2013 thing, so here are my 2013 goals from there (some duplicates from above as you can see...):

1. Titania - Mirabilia (WIP)
2. Spring Knotgarden part 2 - Chatelaine (WIP)
3. Spring Knotgarden part 4 - Chatelaine (WIP)
4. Spring Knotgarden part 5 - Chatelaine
5. Spring Knotgarden part 6 - Chatelaine
6. Bluebell pixie - Mirabilia
7. Butterfly Garden - Drawn Thread (WIP)
8. Beaded Dragonfly Tile - Chatelaine
9. Angel Procession - Wentzler (WIP)
10. Mystery SAL - Passione Ricamo (WIP)
11. Bluebeard's Princess - Mirabilia (WIP)
12. Our Love Nest - CCN (WIP)
13. Sparkling Shamrocks - Sweetheart Tree (WIP)

Gotta kill some WIPs, right?  And then there's the things I want to start...
- Chinese Garden Mandala (Chatelaine)
- Cirque des Coeurs (Ink Circles)

Um.  Stitch faster? :p

Let's see how things turn out at the end of the year! :D

...and to make this less boring, Bluebell again!  Her dress is finally done. ^^b

AND we are on to Sailor Moon S.  You can watch a LOT of anime while stitching... ahaha!


  1. Your goals look very doable and nice projects to do.

  2. Good luck with all your goals. Bluebell looks amazing!

  3. Good luck and we are all cheering you on to complete your goals!

  4. Beautiful work on Bluebell you are getting it done super fast.

  5. Good luck with your goals for this month/year. Bluebell is looking amazing, I love her dress! And I agree with you, you can get through a lot of anime while stitching :-)


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