Tuesday, January 29, 2013

this isn't creepy at all...

Titania without hair.
I lied.  This is TOTALLY creepy. :p

Soooo happy to be done with her over-one skin, though!  Now I just have to survive the confetti-licious flowers in her hair.  But hey, I finished a HAED, so this should be no sweat. ^^b

Thursday, January 24, 2013

beautiful Bluebell!

Finished yesterday, actually, but I was too worn out from all that beading to post!

Lots of pictures!  First, a note:

The deadline for my big giveaway has been changed to February 7 so I can take advantage of the current HAED sale for the chart winner.  So don't be shy - go check it out!

Okay, NOW pictures. :D

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3rd year giveaway!

February 5 will be the third anniversary of the date I started this blog!  Holy cow!  Let's celebrate with a little giveway.  Three years = three prizes!


Who can enter:
- Please be a follower.
- New followers welcome! It's okay even if this is the first time you've seen my blog. :)
- I will ship anywhere in the world, so all are welcome!

- You can enter all three giveaways, but you can only win ONE prize.
- Winners will be posted on February 15.  Enter by February 14 to be sure you don't miss your chance!
- Entry deadline has been changed to February 7 to take advantage of HAED's sale!  If you win the HAED chart, I will need your choice by the end of the sale (Feb 9) or you will have to WAIT until the next sale!
Use this form to enter.


Prize #1:  fabric!
A pretty FQ (27x17 inches) of 32ct Jobelan from Steph's Fabby, in the Peppermint Sparkle color.  This is a 8x11 scan of the actual fabric, not a stock photo. :)

Prize #2:  HAED chart!
Your choice of any HAED chart currently available on the website.  If you choose a BAP or a mini, you'll get one chart... or you can choose TWO QS charts. :)  This will be RAK'd to you as a PDF.

Prize #3:  Mirabilia chart!
Your choice of any Mirabilia or Nora Corbett chart that's still in print. :)

- The fabric is the only item I have on hand, so I can send it fast.
- I'll have to get the Mira chart in my next order, so it will take some time.
- As for the HAED chart... I will RAK it to you during the next sale, not at full price.

Remember to enter using this form!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

wings of bling :)

Bluebell finally has wings!  And MAN are they SHINY! :D

Ignore the wrinkles, etc... this was a quick picture while I was moving the q-snaps...

Now it's on to the bluebells she's holding... I'll run out of Sailor Moon S before that's done for sure.  Good thing I have SuperS all ready to go, eh? (If you're confused, it's okay... don't mind me. Ahaha!)

And I just realized that Feb 5 will mark three years since I started this blog!  I'll be posting something about a three-part giveaway soon... ^^b

Sunday, January 13, 2013

growing a Bluebell...

She has an entire body now!  Now there's "only" her wings and her bluebells left... those wings are going to be super shiny, but kind of tough to handle because of all the Kreinik.  She'll be worth it, though!

Sorry for the bad angle, but you get the idea.  Ignore the stitches that have been smooshed by the q-snap, haha... those will look fine after a little wash. :)

Monday, January 07, 2013

January & general 2013 goals

Oops, forgot about this. :p

For December, I had:
- finish Octopus Treasure Cave - all done!
- finish Titania (for real this time) - no, but I did a TON of work on her so I'm happy!
- PR mystery SAL (up through part six) - haha NO

New January goals:
- finish Bluebell pixie
- finish Titania (sooo close now!)
- maybe page 2 of Transcendence...
- no craft shopping (aside from DMC and outstanding orders)

Stash levels are getting crazy, so it's time to cut back.  Plus I need to start saving for my next car, so every time I shop but don't buy, I mentally add that money to my car fund.  I've "saved" $150 already! :p

I also signed up for a 13 finishes in 2013 thing, so here are my 2013 goals from there (some duplicates from above as you can see...):

1. Titania - Mirabilia (WIP)
2. Spring Knotgarden part 2 - Chatelaine (WIP)
3. Spring Knotgarden part 4 - Chatelaine (WIP)
4. Spring Knotgarden part 5 - Chatelaine
5. Spring Knotgarden part 6 - Chatelaine
6. Bluebell pixie - Mirabilia
7. Butterfly Garden - Drawn Thread (WIP)
8. Beaded Dragonfly Tile - Chatelaine
9. Angel Procession - Wentzler (WIP)
10. Mystery SAL - Passione Ricamo (WIP)
11. Bluebeard's Princess - Mirabilia (WIP)
12. Our Love Nest - CCN (WIP)
13. Sparkling Shamrocks - Sweetheart Tree (WIP)

Gotta kill some WIPs, right?  And then there's the things I want to start...
- Chinese Garden Mandala (Chatelaine)
- Cirque des Coeurs (Ink Circles)

Um.  Stitch faster? :p

Let's see how things turn out at the end of the year! :D

...and to make this less boring, Bluebell again!  Her dress is finally done. ^^b

AND we are on to Sailor Moon S.  You can watch a LOT of anime while stitching... ahaha!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

even more Bluebell!

I kinda wish I didn't have to sleep... I could stitch her until I pass out on the couch.  Or until I run out of Sailor Moon - unlikely since we're on episode 80-something out of 200. :p

I'll finish her dress tomorrow for sure!  The more I work on her, the happier I am with the fabric.  I didn't want to use pink/orange at first but now I'm really glad I didn't use blue.

Ahahaha. :p

Friday, January 04, 2013

more Bluebell!

Just a couple of quick progress shots from this evening. :)

Back to watching Sailor Moon and stitching! ^_~

PS:  And a bit more on Transcendence.  I'm finding that it's nearly impossible to park on the tiny black fabric because I'm not 100% confident of exactly where my gridlines are, though... hmm.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

happy new year!

With a new year come new starts!  I've joined two SALs on Facebook, so today was filled with stitching!

First is Nora Corbett's lovely Bluebell pixie.  I'm stitching her on 32ct linen from Picture This Plus, in the pretty Carnival color.  It's a mix of orangey pink and a bit of yellow and brown.

Here's how far I got... and how she'll look when she's finished!  I changed her lightest blue to a slightly darker color.  I didn't like the massive contrast, and the other "blue" was a little too green to fit with the rest of the colors in my opinion...

My second start was Transcendence by HAED, featuring artwork by Adele Sessler.  This is the BAP version, so it's going to take a looooong time. :p  Plus I'm stitching on BLACK like a crazy person.  Literally over half of the stitches in this design are black, and there was no way I was doing all that!

I'm tenting 2 strands over 1 on 28 count, and I'm pretty pleased with the coverage.  It's not all that beautiful if you look at it up close, but it's not meant to be looked at up close, so there!

Sorry about the flash on the top pic and the blurriness of the bottom pic!

Doesn't look like much, does it?  But I know he'll be gorgeous... :D