Friday, November 16, 2012

you oughta YOTA :p

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show today! I've been sick since Sunday night and haven't been able to stitch for more than a few minutes... and even that ended in a frogging mess. I'm finally feeling better so I'm hoping IHSW won't end up being a bust for me.

I wanted to promote a cool idea I saw on another blog, though!  Pull the Other Thread has a nice SAL for next year called YOTA, or Year of the Acronym - which is a clever play on how the acronym UFO SAL (aka unfinished object stitch-along) can be a little crazy if you don't know what it means. :)

It's a monthly SAL where you work on a UFO and show your progress the first Saturday of each month. So if you need a little extra push, check it out!


And speaking of UFOs and other stuff, here's what I hope to finish up this year:

- Octopus Treasure Cave (last part in December!)
- Titania (for real this time)
- PR mystery SAL (up through part six)

I do have to admit that I'm not feeling the PR SAL at the moment, though. I feel like there is way too much border on the piece and I'm sick of stitching it. >.>  But I hate falling behind, so I'll keep at it...


And next year, I want to start:

- Bluebell pixie (Mirabilia) - for Facebook SAL
- Chinese Mandala (Chatelaine)
- Transcendence (HAED)

Of course, next year I want to FINISH all my other current projects as well. Ha. Ha. Ha. :p


  1. What lovely projects you have planned for next year.

    I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell, I hope you are feeling much better and are able to enjoy the weekend.

  2. i am so sorry to hear that you have been not feeling well..
    i hope you get well soon deary,,big beary hugs for you
    cucki x

  3. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for joining in on YOTA I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on, should be fun. Very Excited :)

  4. I am joining in the YOTA too - sounds like a great idea to get those stitches done! :) I am also starting Transcendence next year, but the mini version - I can't wait!


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