Sunday, August 19, 2012

oops giveaway #2 :D

Oops strikes again. :p  In this case, the two Elizabeth's Designs leaflets are the oops purchases.  The Oregano kit was a duplicate in a lot of stuff from eBay, and the Sweetheart Tree design is one I stitched. :)

So... if you'd like to win one of these sets, just leave a comment!  The rules are:

1.  Please be a follower.
2.  New followers welcome!  It's okay even if this is the first time you've seen my blog. :)
3.  Comment to say which set you like best - 1 or 2.
4.  I will ship anywhere in the world, so all are welcome!
5.  Winners will be posted on August 27 - enter by August 26 to be sure you don't miss your chance!

And the goodies for your consideration...

Set 1:
Pine Tree Cottage (Elizabeth's Designs)
Oregano Plant Poke (NMI kit)

Set 2:
Bluebird Cottage (Elizabeth's Designs)
Enchantment (Sweetheart Tree)

FYI, this is what Enchantment looks like when it's completed. :)  The leaflet in this giveaway includes the round silver paillettes, but NOT the heart charm or beads.  Just want to be sure you know. :)

I've also been stitching this weekend, but I'll post about that later!


  1. Ooh so pretty! I like the second set best!

  2. I love Set 2 too! Especially having seen your beautiful finish.
    I won the Cherry Hill Cottage chart from you and my friend really admired it so I would stitch Bluebird Cottage for her.

  3. Yay for Oops Giveaways! I do like the second set, but my preference is actually the first. I know the perfect people to stitch those for! I'll add a link to this on my blog, too!

  4. hello deary,
    thank you so much for the sweet giveaway..
    please count me in for the second set.
    hugs cucki xx

  5. Ooo lovely giveaway. I like set 2 if I have to

  6. I'm going to say YAY for for Ooops giveaways, too! :D Thank so much for the chance - I'll try my luck for the first set!

  7. Nice patterns-- I like the first set more!! :)


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