Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy moon

Part two of the PR SAL is finished!  Well, as finished as it's going to be... I won't start the thing on the right side until next month, when more of it is revealed.  I don't want to end up with page lines or do a lot of color changes for a small area when more will be coming soon.

The picture is pretty dark but I didn't want to use the flash, since that makes everything look weird.  I stitched the moon with one strand of DMC then went back over all the stitches with the petite braid, but just a half-stitch.  There was no way I was blending DMC and PTB in the needle!

Next up... Octopus Treasure Cave. :D


  1. Looks beautiful! Can;t wait to see the next part too. And thanks for explaining how you stitched the moon - great idea!

  2. it is coming along so lovely..
    so pretty xx

  3. This is looking good. It was a really good idea to stitch on blue fabric too!

  4. That looks gorgeous, you're so far ahead of me, I haven't even finished page 1 (it took me ages for my Treasure Braid to arrive, and even longer till I picked it up again!), but you've inspired me to get stitching on it (her?) again!

  5. great progress :D I like it without the background!


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