Friday, August 31, 2012

eyes are tough!

Had my surgery this morning and all went well!  Apparently I spent way more time being prepped and waking up afterward than I did in actual surgery, so that's good. :)  The white of my eye is now RED, but other than a little soreness (praise vicodin, bwahaha) I'm feeling fine!  There's some double vision and weirdness with focusing, but that was expected and should fade over the next few days.  I look forward to giving everyone the evil bloody stinkeye when I go back to work. :p

I've been able to stitch a little today, with my new glasses on!  I always had to take them off and hold my work very close to stitch, so this is a nice improvement. :)

I also, er, bought three more HAED charts.  I heard that the company was having issues with copyright infringement, like many other stitchy places these days.  I wanted to show a little support AND get the last few items on my wishlist that I would truly regret not having in case something happens. :(

When I get around to stitching Iris, I'll be cropping her like this, or maybe a little more.  I'm not stitching those iris flowers in the bottom left again! :p

I also went to various artist sites and bookmarked the prints I want to buy later!  I've discovered several artists I like by browsing HAED, but I don't want to stitch all of them... no time for so many complex patterns, and while stitching is great, the original artwork will have better clarity and detail.

There's also a ridiculous package of stash that finally arrived from Stitching Bits & Bobs, but I already put it all away!  Just know that there is a serious Brooke's Books thing going on around here... I love her dimensional ornaments on perforated paper.  I haven't started one yet, but soon!

Also, you should check out Dylimes' blog - she's stitching Transcendence on black just like I plan to, and he is amaaaaazing!


  1. A lovely choice of charts! Glad to hear surgery went well :)

    Emma xo

  2. The charts you bought are so lovely =)
    I am looking forward to see them stitched up =)

  3. Great to hear your eye surgery went well! I hope all the soreness will go away soon!

  4. You can always frame Iris and her flowers then hang them next to each other!

    Glad the surgery went well.

  5. Glad to hear that everything went well with the surgery. :D


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