Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August goals

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July goals were:
- Finish beading part 3 of Octopus Treasure Cave - Nope.
- Finish angel #4 on Angel Procession - YES!
- Stitch part 1 of the PR SAL - YES!
- Stitch at least five nights each week :) - YES!
- Do not buy anything EXCEPT threads needed for the PR SAL and PTP fabrics during the Christmas in July sale! - I was good up until the end of the month, then majorly bad. :(
- Frame the Lesley Teare mermaid and Chelsea - framed Chelsea but not the mermaid...

August goals are:
- Finish beading part 3 of Octopus Treasure Cave
- Stitch part 4 of Octopus Treasure Cave
- Stitch part 2 of the PR SAL
- Frame the Lesley Teare mermaid
- Finish page 2 of HAED QS Iris
- NO shopping at all, no excuses, no exceptions!

I need to put myself on the No Stash plan until the end of the year.  My spending isn't causing financial ruin or anything, but I've more than used up the entire reasonable 2012 stash budget.  The only thing I should be buying between now and the end of the year is DMC.  There is plenty of everything else!

Live and learn, I guess!  I've always been a bit of a crazy shopper, it's just taken different forms over the years.  I have to remember that I can go shopping in my stash and enjoy what's already there.  Why have it if it's not going to be appreciated, right?  SALs alone will keep me busy for the rest of the year.

Suck it up, spendy Rahenna! :p


  1. Hi. Its never bad having a stash. I don't have one but that's due to been in SA and not having temptations like in the US and UK. But I figure imagine if life tastes a dive downhill for a year or two and you don't have any extra funds at all. Imagine that through all that stress, you will still be able to stitch away happily.

  2. I am agree with monique :)
    Enjoy your stash xxx

  3. Great job on your goals! You really meet most of them.

    As far as stashing...I am a card-carrying member of SABLE. (Stitching Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) I can attempt to stop buying stash, but I know it ain't gonna happen. I just have to try to be reasonable. (I was not this last month. *blush*)

  4. Karen, I know what you mean... definitely at SABLE, probably two lifetimes worth! I try to remind myself that I can go shopping in my stash to rediscover goodies that I've forgotten in the greedy rush for more. I actually spent a loooong time yesterday ironing fabrics to place them unfolded in a long under-bed box. That was enough to put me off fabric shopping for a while! :D


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