Saturday, July 07, 2012

WIPocalypse #7

Not too much to report this time around.  I've put Angel Procession away for a bit and went back to my HAED project, QS Iris.  Most of this progress was made in the last few days, but I did do some bits of it before that too.  I'm not THAT fast. :p

Hmm, when I look at the thumbnail picture, it actually does look like something!  I'll keep working on this one over the weekend and see if I can finish up that half page on the right side.  I really need to fill in the rest of the left page, but... that's a LOT of confetti stitching. :p


  1. So pretty! I love HaEDs but boy do I struggle with them.

  2. It is really starting to take shape!

  3. It's so a watercolour painting in progress!!


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