Tuesday, July 24, 2012

super fast post!

Wanted to get another progress pic of QS Iris up since it helps keep me motivated. :)

HAED has another sale this week!  I'm thinking of getting The Empress to go along with The World, which I bought in the last sale... lovely, aren't they?  I'm really happy that both are "small" designs at about 200x330 stitches each. :)

 Check out Shadowscapes for more work by the artist!  I have got to get some prints... and that tarot set!


  1. Very sweet stitching and lovely new charts xxx

  2. Iris looks beautiful! I love the new charts too! :)


  3. Great work on Iris and the two charts you got are awesome =)

  4. ooooo - the irises are looking gorgeous!


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