Sunday, July 22, 2012

Passione Ricamo SAL part 1

I FINALLY got the Petite Treasure Braids I ordered for the PR SAL back at the beginning of the month!  They arrived yesterday, and I got busy right away.  Here is part one (mostly) all finished!  I'm not going to stitch the moon until the next part comes out and I can stitch it all at once.

I'm making a few changes as I go along.  I'm not using beads in the border because I just don't like huge clusters of beads, especially MH which are low-quality and have no size consistency.  Plus, I don't like threads getting caught on beading as I stitch.  I'm using Waterlilies Amethyst instead of beads, cutting out the brown and pink portions of the thread because... ick. :p

For now I've decided to leave off the triangular purple areas in the border.  I stitched one and didn't like it, so I took it out.  I may add them back in later once the whole border is done and I can get more of a feel for how it looks.

And finally, I'm stitching on a darker hand-dyed fabric (Silkweaver Starquest in opal Belfast) so I don't have to do the giant fields of 794 behind the fairy.  I don't like stitching solid areas, I always end up with lumps. :(

Looking forward to the pretty moon and more shiny border next month! :)


  1. Great progress! I love the colors!


  2. I love the Waterlilies idea! It looks fabulous. I'll be seriously considering doing that now that I've seen yours. But, I love beads too. What a conundrum!

    I looks so beautiful, Rahenna. I'm sure yours will be one of my favorites in this SAL.

  3. I love how ppl can have the same design and yet they can look so different. The changes are fantastic and if I had a purple like that, I might also have substituted the beads. Can't wait to see what you will get up to next month.

  4. It is looking So lovely..great progress.

  5. That border is beautiful, and the fabric choice was inspired. You made a lot of progress in just a day!

  6. Yours looks gorgeous, and I love your alterations. My treasure braid arrived a couple of days as well, so I really need to pick it up and get stitching before the next page out.

  7. Hello,just found your blog.

    Your Iris and Passione Ricamo are very pretty.

    I knew there was a Sal for this,but yours is the first one i have seen.

  8. It is gorgeous. You've made great choices.

  9. Your PR looks great so far. I totally agree about stitching large areas of background. That's why coloured fabric was invented!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  10. Gorgeous stitching love the changes you have made.


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