Sunday, July 15, 2012

happy birthday to meeee!

Ah, the joys of getting older.  But one good thing about birthdays is that you can sit on your butt all you want and do whatever you like, so QS Iris got a nice boost this weekend.  The top half of page one is now completely filled in, and I'm working to do the same on the second half.  If I get bored with that, I can always move on to another section and fill in some larger blocks of color.

It's amazing how much better it looks once all the gaps are filled!  And actually, this thumbnail size is probably a better view than the closeup, because you get a nice overview of the picture.  Up close it just looks like a bunch of half stitches instead of a cohesive image.

And now some rambling. :)

I received a wonderful stitchy gift this year... a full set of Carrie's Creations cotton threads!  That's over 200 beautiful colors, and by buying the set, they were less than $1 each!  They'll be great for subbing on Chatelaines so I can save a bit on materials.  Not that I should be thinking about more Chatelaines...

Speaking of future plans and too much stitching, I'm trying to be a bit zen about having nine WIPs at the moment.  I don't like having so many, but almost all of them are on my bucket list, so it's not all bad!  At least they're on the approved list.

Of course, scattering my efforts isn't the best strategy either, so I'll probably pick a couple to focus on for a while.  Obviously Iris is on the short list.  I think Wisteria is too, because it's close-ish to done and I was supposed to have it finished about eight months ago.  Oops...


  1. Happy birthday! Wishing you lots of the best :) And it's your birthday, so yo're more than allowed to think of other Chatelaines, lol! :D

  2. Happy birthday Rahenna! Have a nice day filled with lots of love and presents. xoxo

  3. Happy birthday!!!! May you have one dream come true for each candle on your cake :D
    Hugs&smiles, Nia

  4. Happy birthday =)
    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day and wish you a wonderful upcoming year, full of stitches, health and joy =)
    Great work on you stitching =)

  5. Happy Birthday Rahenna!!! That's a pretty sweet gift you got! The whole collection?!! Wow!!

  6. Hi

    I'm new to your lovely blog.
    Happy birthday and I love those threads!
    Your WIP is looking beautiful.

  7. It's been ages since I popped by - this year has been so insane.

    Happy birthday!!! I'm going to catch up on some blog reading, and then will post more (or drop you an email) over the weekend. :)


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