Sunday, June 17, 2012

IHSW - Iris & Angels!

Had a pretty good IHSW (though it's not over yet!) despite doing a lot of things out of the house this weekend.  There was Father's Day dinner last night with the in-laws, and today we were out for seven (!!!) hours to see Romeo & Juliet and to grab some food afterward.  Yeah, maybe I left the house way too early, but you never know how traffic is going to behave, so...

But progress was made!  I gridded page two of QS Iris and added some new colors, including a whoooole ton of pink.  It looks a bit grey in the picture, but all that stuff on the right IS pink, I promise!

Then yesterday, after dinner, I was digging through the trunk of WIPs and other stuff we keep under the coffee table, and you won't believe what caught my eye... my oldest WIP, Angel Procession by Teresa Wentzler!  I sent this one out for two UFO round robins but I don't think I've personally put a stitch into it in about ten years. *shame*

Since my RR friends did such an amazing job on the wings of the two central angels, I decided to give one of them more of a body. :)  I didn't do ALL of the robe you see here, but a good chunk of it is my work.  Finally!

And maybe this is silly, but I've started working on my stitching bucket list.  I always start random things without considering the designs I REALLY want to stitch.  Maybe this will keep me focused!

It got me thinking... what if I hosted a SAL for the second half of 2012, asking everyone to list some of their bucket list items (maybe up to five?), and challenge themselves to work on them?  Of course, there would be prizes... I was thinking that each bucket list finish could be worth one entry to win a PTP hand-dyed fat quarter of choice, with a total of three prizes available.

I know I'd enter that! :p


  1. Oh wow I think I might enter that. Would have to think of a bucket list though. Would mean purchases though as geberally my bucket list would have items I want to make someday and so I havnt bought them yet.

  2. Good work on Iris and i hope to see more of the Angels.

    Hugs Yvon.

  3. Rahenna, they both look amazing. Love the blues in Iris and TWs Angel Procession? Stunning. Love it!

  4. Lovely work on Iris and your oldest WIP! You have guts! I won't even consider finishing mine!!

  5. The irises are looking good! Can't wait to see more :)

  6. Good job on working on your oldest WIP! I haven't braved mine in years... maybe I'll have to pull that sucker out... after I frog a good bit of it.

    Love the idea of the bucket list. Keep us updated with details, I'd most likely be interested in joining!

  7. That's excellent progress on Iris. And well done for re-tackling your oldest UFO.

  8. The bucket list idea is great! I'm already doing the WIPocalypse and my own "12 in '12" so I could have those to start my list!

  9. Great stitching :-D bucket list sounds interesting.


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