Saturday, June 30, 2012


Or something. :p

Since June is almost over, it's time to recap my goals!

June goals!
- Part 3 of Octopus Treasure Cave (once it's released) - DONE except for a little beading
- Finish beading part 1 of OTC! - DONE
- Complete either one more corner garden OR one more cat-ear garden on Spring Knotgarden - NO, didn't touch it!
- Do not start anything new. :p - NO, had two unexpected starts!
- Do not BUY anything new! - NO, made a planned trip to the LNS for fabric and got a few unplanned items... and then there was the PR SAL... and the PTP fabric orphanage...

Sigh.  That didn't work out so well!  Let's try again for July.  Less specific this time as I seem to rebel if I have clearly defined goals.  I figure "stitch a little every day" is just as good. :)

July goals!
- Finish beading part 3 of Octopus Treasure Cave
- Finish angel #4 on Angel Procession
- Stitch part 1 of the PR SAL
- Stitch at least five nights each week :)
- Do not buy anything EXCEPT threads needed for the PR SAL and PTP fabrics during the Christmas in July sale!
- Frame the Lesley Teare mermaid and Chelsea (have all supplies, just need to do it!)

Speaking of framing, Tree of Hope finally got framed today.  It's not difficult, it's just tedious work.  We really need to make up a framing kit and store it somewhere instead of running around crazy, gathering stuff from the computer room, craft room, junk drawer, and garage every time we frame something!

What a beauty. :)


  1. Tree of life looks awesome - congratulations.

  2. Wow!! Tree of life is stunning! Congrats on framing it yourself!! I'm going to have to do that gets expensive!

  3. I love the frame you chose for ToL. It's pretty, but not all fancy, so it doesn't overwhelm the stitching. Good choice!!! I'm not a huge fan of ornate frames, lol. Can you tell? Grats on making some of your goals. I hope you do better in July!!

  4. Tree of Hope is stunning!!

    Good luck in July. I can't believe I signed up for the PR SAL. Oy.

  5. Your framed work looks beautiful :)

  6. Beautiful framing. Tree of Hope is stunning!



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