Sunday, June 03, 2012

early WIPocalypse post

Looks like June 4 is the next WIPocalypse date, but I thought I'd post early. :)

Here's what I've been working on lately.  First, Octopus Treasure Cave!  The beading of part one is finally done, and I've made a good start on the newly-released part three - which is THE OCTOPUS!  Plus a few bits of seaweed and coral. :p  All that's left is to finish is the octopus.

A better view of the coral and things on the right side...

And just to prove that you should never say never, I always said I'd NEVER stitch a HAED pattern because I just don't get the appeal of reproducing something in cross stitch when it would make more sense to buy a poster or print to frame.  And then I started poking around the website during the last sale, thinking that if the designs are popular, maybe I should give it a chance instead of just dismissing the whole idea.

So here's most of page one of HAED - QS Iris by Josephine Wall. :p  And since I started it LAST month, that means this month's goal of not starting something new is safe.  For now...

I'm stitching with two threads over one on 22ct hardanger fabric, using half cross-stitch.  It's actually going very quickly, this is only four days of work on this project!  I've already washed out the grid lines for this area since it's almost done, but I'm using a fine point, washable blue marking pen to draw in the 10x10 grids, and it works beautifully.  Just a few squirts of water, and the lines disappear.

A spray bottle of water is good for when your new kitty misbehaves, too. :p  This is Oscar, a nine month old tuxedo kitty we adopted from a local nonprofit.  Oscar is a terrible name, so we'll probably change it.  For now, he's "the other cat" or "stumpy" since he was born with about 1/3 of a tail. :D

Don't be fooled by the big-eyed look.  He may seem innocent, but he likes to eat toes, attack yarn, and practice his slick ninja moves on his big brother.  Oh, and run around the house like a crazy beast after midnight.  In other words, he's a typical cat. :p


  1. He's beautiful. I love cats, even ones without full tails, lol. Sounds like he shares a lot of behaviors with my Yes Dear. Wonderful stitching too. Love the eye candy, lol. Your octopus is going to be fab, and grats on starting your first HAED. I have five in progress. I think some of the artists are great, and I love creating something beautiful with needle and thread.

  2. Your Octopus treasure cave is looking very good, very pretty fabric!!!

    Good luck with your Head,i hope everything will go well with that project.

    Lovely pic. of your new fur baby,i hope he will let you get some sleep?

    Hugs Yvon.

  3. Awww! He's so cute and Oscar is a lovely name.

  4. Oooo Rahenna, everything is just beautiful. Congratulations on your first HAED. Their designs are simply stunning and you're off to a wonderful start. :)

  5. Your Octopus cave is really taking shape! Love the special stitches and the sparklies and can't wait to see that octopus finished!
    We also have a black-and-white cat who's a little bit older now, but he used to run around the house like a little devil (exactly how you describe your cat :-)!
    Have fun!

    P.S.: Welcome to the crazy HAED club! :-)

  6. Beautiful progress on Octopus Treasure Cave! The stitches look so delicate. I am of the same opinion for HAEDs too but whenever I see finishes, it always makes me go wow. Good progress on yours. Beautiful cat. He certainly looks like a mischievous one ^.^


  7. Such a beautiful piece of stitching and what a cute cat!


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