Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring Knotgarden & June goals

I'm just going to skip May goals since I didn't have any.  And let's just forget about April, okay? :p

June goals!
- Part 3 of Octopus Treasure Cave (once it's released)
- Finish beading part 1 of OTC!
- Complete either one more corner garden OR one more cat-ear garden on Spring Knotgarden
- Do not start anything new. :p
- Do not BUY anything new!

That's plenty, I think!

And where's the first corner garden of Spring Knotgarden, you ask?  Not quite finished (still have half the beading to go!) but you get the idea. :)

I wish pictures could show the SPARKLIES more clearly!  The square crystal is pretty amazing in person, but it just looks like a white blob because it's so reflective.  Oh well, I guess you'll just have to stitch this one yourself to see what it's like. :)

Don't forget to read my previous post about the awesome swap goodies I got from Rachel and Shannon! :D

swap swag :)

Sorry this is so late, but I'm finally posting what I received in the swaps I did with Shannon and Rachel. :D

I stored everything in the same box to keep it safe from EVIL KITTIES so I may have mixed up the threads on these two.  Other than that, these are accurate. :)

Shannon's package was butterfly themed!  She made an awesome no-sew stack of three delicate butterfly designs, then added some charms, fabric, floss, ribbons, and even a pinwheel!  And the packing fabric is pretty awesome too... nice and shiny. :)

Rachel made a beautiful needlebook with a quilted backing.  It's super soft and has multiple pages inside, which is good, because my needlebook is full! :)  There's also two pretty mini kits, floss, needles, and a VERY cool octopus pendant that I'll be putting to good use!

Thanks so much, Shannon and Rachel!  Now I have to find a way to display and use your gifts without them being destroyed by curious cats. :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

WIPocalypse & IHSW

On time for IHSW, super late for WIPocalypse, but at least I'm posting. :)

By the way, I'll post pictures of my exchange goodies tomorrow.  I haven't forgotten!

There isn't much to report, since most of my recent stitching time was spent on the exchange bookmarks, but I did make some progress on Spring Knotgarden.  The blackwork and one of the flowered triangles were done before the weekend.  I completed the other three flowered triangles and (finally!) the purple lily garden.

The colors are a little better in this closeup.  I'll have to take new ones in daylight, though... the flash always seems to do strange things to the colors!

I'll be working on the two corner gardens on the top next.  Or maybe one of the larger cat-eared gardens.  At any rate, something will be done soon since I'm back into my stitchy groove. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

rumors of my demise...

...may turn out to be accurate, if this stupid fever doesn't go away!

I haven't posted in ages (since the last IHSW, eep!) because I've been distracted by shiny video games - WoW and Diablo 3, I'm looking at YOU - and I was doing some stitching for an exchange.  No fun showing what's been made before the giftee receives it, right?

Well, all has been received safely, so now I can show everyone. :3


Since there's daffodil and lily of the valley, I made flower beaded charms to go at the top of each bookmark.  They're attached with some chain and a large jump ring is folded up inside.  It's pretty clever.  Of course, that means I didn't think of it.  My wifey did. :p

The pretty fabric is Polstitches Spring linen, rinsed until no more dye came out... I didn't like the linens I got from PS because they were so dark and I fiddled with a bunch of them.  I was sad that all the yellow in this fabric was lost, but it turned out to be a great softly colored background for the flowers. :)

And one last picture before they were parted...

I'm going to have to make one for myself!  It was hard to pack them up and send them away.

Tomorrow I'll post with what I received in return. :D