Friday, April 06, 2012

WIPocalypse #4 ~ baby sampler & Octopus!

It seems like I just did a WIPocalypse post, but I think that's because I was so LATE last time. :p  I've been cruising right along on my projects, and for once I'm sticking to my goals for the month.  We'll see how long that lasts!

First up, I finished the baby sampler for my nephew!  There's text too, but I didn't take a picture to keep things a little bit private. :)  This is a really cute pattern called Oh Baby by Lizzie Kate.  It includes about 15 different motifs and an alphabet, and you just mix and match them to make a customized sampler.  I love having lots of options, and I was able to pick out four of the more boy-like motifs for the sampler.

And I finished part two of Octopus Treasure Cave!  I still have to bead three corners for part one, but I think I'll save that for later and go back to Spring Knotgarden for a bit.

I took some pictures outside, but the camera was being stupid and didn't show a preview on the screen for some reason, so this one came out weird.  The fabric looks good so I'm posting it anyway. :p

And here's a view of everything so far.  Even though I didn't use a flash, it's still kind of washed out.  It was bright outside today!

And finally, this is all of part two.  The jellyfish on the right is still my favorite!

Hope everyone else made some good progress in the last month too! :)


  1. The baby sampler is too cute!

    I love the jellyfish!!! They certainly look so delicate, like real jellyfish! :)

  2. The baby sampler looks really adorable! I love all the bling on Octopus :)

  3. the baby sampler is really cute! I have to agree with you on the jellyfish, but they all have such pretty colors

  4. well done and I love your jellyfish

  5. Both nice projects. The jellyfish are kind of hypnotic to me. Cool!

    Have fun with your stitching.


  6. That baby sampler is just adorable! I'm completely enjoying watching your progress on Octopus Treasure Cave. Lovely fabric you're stitching it on and your stitches looks so delicate.


  7. Who'd have thought jellyfish would look so good! I love the fabric too, it's a gorgeous colour for this project.

  8. Great work on the octopus , that will really sparkel.
    I really like the baby sampler, the colors are very nice,

    Hugs Yvon.

  9. The baby sampler is so sweet! I like how you can mix and match the symbols! What a great idea! Octopus Treasure Cave is looking amazing by the way! I love that jellyfish on the right too...looks like he wants to swim off the fabric!

  10. Love the baby sample and the Octopus looks great!

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  12. gorgeous stitching :D I lovethe jellyfish :D

  13. Love the baby sampler, it's darling.

    Ooooh, the jellyfish are sooooo cool!!!!!!


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