Sunday, April 15, 2012

like a snail

Back to normal posts... :)

Spring Knotgarden proceeds at a snail's pace... and a sleepy snail at that.  My goal for the weekend was to finish the top garden, but I didn't quite get there.  Or halfway there.  But any progress is still progress, so I'm not beating myself up over it.

I changed the leaves to a darker color, SNC Camouflage.  The charted color is very similar to the color of the stems (in fact, in all the WIPs I've seen, I can't tell the difference!) and I prefer more contrast.  The leaves are a bit dark, but I think it will work nicely overall.

And now instead of stitching more, I'm off to play World of Warcraft.  No wonder progress is so slow, huh? :p


  1. Now Rahenna, you know that every single stitch counts. Especially when you're talking about a Chatelaine. :) I really like those pink flowers and I see sparklies!

    Love that you made the SNC conversion, too... it looks wonderful!

  2. Beautiful stitching! It's progress even if it's slow going. :)


  3. It looks beautiful! And you're right, progress is still progress :)

  4. Beautiful! Lovely colours. :) I know what you mean about either stitching or WoW as I play too. ;) Gonna be worse when Diablo 3 comes out!

  5. Jen:
    Haha, tell me about it! I got an invite to the D3 beta and I haven't tried it yet because I KNOW my life will end if I fire that puppy up. Maybe over the weekend. :p

    If anyone wants to add me on WoW, my email is :D

  6. I love it Rahenna! It's so soft and pretty! Have fun in WoW! I wish I had a good enough computer to be able to play GW2 Beta :( One day!!

  7. hahaha sometimes we just need to take a break and go play a little ;) LOL I just posted about a game I play too, something softer LOL Smurfs! ahhahaa :D
    Your works looks beautiful!! :D

  8. great progress :D slow and steady wins the race :D


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