Friday, April 13, 2012

another bad experience with Silkweaver

Just wanted to share my most recent bad experience with Silkweaver.  It's a long story, so I've made an annotated PDF that was printed directly from my gmail account, showing dates and messages with no alterations except to cover up my address and phone number.

You can find the PDF here:
(sorry, this link no longer works, but if you check the comments you'll get the idea)

Please feel free to link to this post, and share with your stitching friends!

My intent here is not to be a bully, but to show that Silkweaver is still not dyeing products that match the swatches on their website, and to highlight the consistently poor customer service.

Other Silkweaver stories from me include:

1.  The FOTM fabric I received that had dark grease stains on it (think dirty car parts!).  It took over a month to get a replacement sent because the first person I spoke to said I should keep the dirty fabric (gee, thanks) but others were expecting me to return the fabric... at my expense!  After several phone calls, I finally got the replacement, and kept the dirty fabric.

2.  A large order I made last summer when I had a 30% off coupon.  It took about a month for half of the fabrics to be sent, and there was no documentation in the package AT ALL, so I had no idea what the status of the remaining fabrics was.  This also took mutiple phone calls to resolve, and several weeks passed after the items were "shipped" before they actually arrived in my mailbox.

Needless to say, I will not be ordering again... three HUGE strikes and you're out, Silky.


  1. Gosh what a total mess. Sounds like a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing and then some!

    I haven't ordered from them in a few years but they seem to have gone right downhill!

  2. Wow! What a clustermonkey (as my husband would say).

    There was a fuss on facebook with them a couple weeks ago where they were willing to fix past problems. It seems that on their facebook page they are attempting to have a good reputation. Someone dropped my name to them (because of my past negative) experience and they messaged me to find out what the details of my still unresolved problem with them was. I explained it to them in a facebook message and they indeed resolved it. It took only 2 days to send me the correct fabric.

    I doubt I would buy from them again anyway but hopefully anyone who needs to resolve something and goes through their facebook page might have more luck.

  3. Sheba:
    That's how it seemed to me too, that there was no communication between people/departments, or any controls in place to make sure things that were promised actually got done. Not a good way to do business!

    I did see your updated post, your new fabric looked lovely. :) It's a shame that you had to wait so long for resolution. I'm hoping that my issue will be resolved soon - it's not that the $2.82 will break my budget, but that I expect a company to be responsible for its own mistakes.

    It's really a shame, because Silkweaver has lovely fabrics even now... as long as you don't expect something that matches the samples!

  4. Oh man, that sounds awful! I'm glad you gave us a heads up about them, but it's a shame that it had to be at the cost of your own experience. I sincerely hope they give you the shipping costs back. That's kind of awful of them!

  5. Wow! Sorry you had such crappy service but thanks for the heads up. I have ordered from them only a few times with no problems but I didn't have any large orders. I used to order all of my fabrics from Enchanted Fabrics before she went out of business and I loved her fabrics. I have yet to find a replacement source for dyed fabrics that I am totally satified with.

  6. I have to give a big Advert for the three main UK fabric dyers - Crafty Kitten, Sparklies and Polstitches.
    Each company is run by just one person (Dawn, Kate and Jo) and all give amazing service.
    They do ship overseas so give one of them a try.
    And No, I'm not on commission LOL.

  7. How terrible! I haven't ordered from them in a long, long time because my last experience with them was poor. Seeing this makes me know not to go there at all. So sorry you had such a poor experience!

  8. Hello

    Just joined your lovely blog.

    So sorry to hear of your trouble with Silkweaver. I haven't ordered from them but was thinking of it. Thank you for all the info you provided - I won't chance it now.

    I love the Baby sampler finish, it's so sweet.
    Your Octopus WIP is stunning.

  9. Rebekah:
    I know, all the great ones seem to disappear so fast! Sugar Maple really appeals to me and I've managed to stash a few, but I haven't stitched on one yet so I don't know how they handle, so to speak. :)

    I actually have Polstitches open in the background as I read your comment! I ordered before and didn't realize that the samples on the site were evenweave, not linen, so I didn't really like them. May give it another go, especially since I'd like to do a couple of the new JE fairies. :)

    Thanks for following! I promise, most of my posts are a lot more positive and friendly than this one. :)

  10. So sorry to hear about your three times gone wrong experiences with the company. I have never ordered from them and don't plan on it either. I read up on their "policy" and they do say 100% customer satisfaction for returns so that should include the postage you paid to return the items too!! Too bad they can't get their departments in order because they have lost a number of potential customers from word of mouth...or word of blogs!!!

  11. Nothing has changed there. Same low quality dyeing, long wait for replacement.... It took about 3 months for me to get the order and then replacement of some crappy fabrics. Totally disappointed and never again to have business with them.


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