Friday, March 23, 2012

super-late WIPocalypse post!

Hmm, this is going to be a boring post as I won't be including any pictures.  Well, maybe...

What I accomplished since last check-in:
- finished Cirque des Cercles!
- finished Cherry Hill!
- made tons of progress on Titania
- started Butterfly Garden
- did most of part one on Octopus Treasure Cave

I also did some stitching on Wisteria, but I don't have a new picture.  Same for Octopus Treasure Cave, but I'm still fighting with that horrible Princess Perle Petite on the backstitching.  That stuff is NASTY. :x

So, my goal for this weekend is to finish up Octopus (beads too!) and to try NOT to start Spring Knotgarden. We'll see how that goes... :p


  1. Grats on all your great progress, Rahenna. You've done a wonderful job. I left you lots of comments, and... I gave you a blog award!!! You can read all about it on my blog at and grats!!

  2. For me, the fiber bane of my existence is Marlitt or any rayon-type thread. Too slippery! I'll take Wisper any day over Marlitt.

    Lots of great progress lately!


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