Sunday, March 18, 2012

IHSW success - Cirque all done!

The title says it all!  Check it out! :D
All of the pictures enlarge if you click them!

The entire piece:

And now some closeup shots:

Whew, I'm glad it's finished!  And to think I just bought another Cirque design... well, that one will have to wait a while.  I need a break from geometric goodness for a while.

If anyone's interested, the colors I used were:
- brown borders = Crescent Colors Caterpillar
- lightest green = Gentle Art Spring Green
- medium green = DMC 4045
- darkest green = Crescent Colors Bewitched
- light blue = DMC 4025
- purple = Crescent Colors Pansy Purple
- red = DMC 4210
- yellow = DMC 4075

Hmm, it seems like DMC has some new Color Variations colors out now... bummer, because 4077 would probably be a better yellow, as 4075 has some greenish-brown bits in it that I had to cut out.

And now I'm off to work on my Octopus Treasure Cave!  Speaking of Chatelaine... I'll be picking up the kit for Herbularius in another paycheck or two.  Which fabric color looks best?  I know there's not much of a difference, but I'm leaning toward the one on the right, which is a little more orange.  Maybe someone else is stitching this beauty and has a recommendation? :3

Hope everyone else has made good progress too! :D


  1. Oh my, you finished CdC. Congratulations! It's so gorgeous. Look forward to a WiP pic of Octopus Treasure Cave. I think it's a beautiful design. I like the layover on the right more as well. The one one the left looks a little dull compared to the one on the right.


  2. Well done on your finish it looks fabulous!

    It's beautiful, Rahenna. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish.

    As for Herb... like Veronica, I like the one on the right, too. The colors in the one on the left seem a little washed out by comparison.

  4. Congratulations, Rahenna!!!! It looks amazing!

    I think I like the one on the right too. :)

  5. Great finish on CdeC, it looks stunning!

  6. Congrats on the finish! All the colours make it so cheerful and uplifting. :)

  7. I love your CdC! It's so pretty!

    I like the fabric on the right too.

  8. Your Cirque is fantastic! Congratulations!

    I have to agree on the Chat fabric. I like the one on the right. The stitching pops more on that color.

  9. WOW Rahenna! You have been speeding along the line! Can't believe that your CdC is already finished! :-)
    As for Herbularius, I would also go for the fabric on the right (it's a little bit brighter).
    Have a great time stitching your new beauty within a couple of weeks!

  10. Congrats on such a stunning finish on CDC!!! The colours are magnificent!! I too want to get Herbularius and start it this year!! Haven't decided on the fabby yet but I do like the one on the right!!!

  11. Congratulations on the finish. It's a stunning design.

  12. It looks amazing!!! Great job!!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is glorious, I just LOVE the colors you picked.

    I like the right-hand fabric better, too...for some reason the colors "pop" a little better.

  14. Hi Rahenna! Wow...Cirque is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish.

    Hugs from Holland,
    Heidi...a fellow hermit

  15. Congrats on your finish! It turned out gorgeous. You deserve a big pat on the back for getting this one done.


  16. Hello

    Congratulations on your finsh, it's stunning.

    I love that Chatelaine design!

  17. Congrats on the finish!!!!! CDC looks amazing! :D

    As for Herbie, I like the one on the left. :)

  18. Oh my god, it's gorgeous! Congrats on the awesome finish! As for the voting, I prefer the one on the right

  19. It looks amazing, Rahenna! <3 Like most everyone else, I say the one on the right.

  20. Your Cirque finish is fabulous!

    I'm also voting the shade on the right.

  21. Wow that's amazing! Congratulations on suche a spectacular finish!

  22. I love your CdC, you've got a great eye for colours.

    I also like the fabric on the right, the left does seem dull in comparision.

  23. Great job on the finish, Rahenna. It looks great. And I like the fabby on the right better too. Can't wait to watch your progress!!


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