Friday, February 10, 2012

Octopus Treasure Cave - WIP #3

I've finished as much as I can of Octopus Treasure Cave part one!  I'm still waiting on the bead pack, and I'm missing the perle that goes around the border and the blackwork waves.  I'm sure those will arrive long before part two is out. :)

Again, sorry for the bad pictures... the dark fabric seems to be forcing me to use the flash, and some of the colors are very light and they get washed out.  Doesn't help that it's a gloomy day, so no help from the sunlight!

This is the full part.  The top and bottom (purple) were originally charted for a blue/green color, but I chose purple instead as the color I was subbing for the blue/green silk was very dark and got lost in the fabric.  I also completely changed the blackwork pattern on the top to work better with the dark fabric and purple thread.

And my sad attempts at getting closeups of a few specialty stitches.  Each quarter of the border has a different stitch, and it was fun to have a lot of variety!

I'm really looking forward to the next part!  For now, it's back to Titania. :)  Or I might be naughty and start Butterfly Garden...


  1. It's looking great... and you deserve a reward for your greatness... go ahead and be naughty! ;-)

  2. Great work! All the special stitches look so cool and I love the blackwork :D

  3. You are doing so well on this project. Butterfly Garden is a hard pattern to resist. Have it on order.

  4. It's looking great Rahenna. I would never change something that much, lol. (I tend to stitch everything as charted with the exception of Vicki's hardanger. Those I use my stash of overdyed floss on. Everything else is pretty much as charted.) You go girl!!!

  5. You're so brave! But it looks great! :)

  6. Looking awesome, Rahenna! <3 I love the nifty speciality stitches!

  7. Rahenna,

    I love your stitching and the variety of stitches on the different sides!

    Kind greetings,

  8. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Your Octopus Treasure Cave is beautiful. The colours are lovely.

  9. I don't know how it's supposed to be, but it looks great, so I can only assume your changes have made it extra awesome. =)

  10. This looks amazing so far. I can't wait to see it when its done.

  11. Oh, I like this Rahenna. The blackwork on the edges are amazing!!!

    LOL, did you start Butterfly? ;)


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