Monday, January 02, 2012

World of Cross Stitching - is this legit?

Hopefully someone will know the answer to this...

I recently got one of those "please subscribe to our magazine" letters in the mail.  It's from World of Cross Stitching (a UK magazine) and it's advertising a year for $49.99, which is much less than the 65 pounds I found it for on the publisher's site.

Thing is, I got a similar notice a while back, and I think it was for a US version of the magazine.  This subscription letter looks the same (as far as I can remember) but doesn't seem to be for a US version.  Anyway, I responded to the request for the US version because it sounded like a good deal (I think it was even cheaper than this one is advertising) but nothing ever came of it.  No payment was taken and no magazines ever arrived.

So... has anyone else received this subscription request?  Or did anyone get the older one and subscribe, AND actually get anything?

I'm interested in a magazine other than JCS, since that only has about two decent projects per issue, but if this is some sort of scam obviously I'm not going to try it again.  Any ideas?

If it helps, the address on the envelope is:
PO Box 433041
Palm Coast, FL 32143-9945

...which already seems fake since the last four digits of the PO Box should match the extra four digits of the zip code.  Actually, checking it on the USPS site indicates that this address is one of those little postal outlet stores.  Not looking good, is it?


  1. I would say it isn't legit unless it is from Origin Publishing which is the company that makes the mag also the email for usa/canada subs is if you want to double check!

  2. yup..the letter always come from origin publishing..i think you can double check about it.
    take care xx

  3. I have received the same offer to subscribe to WoCS. I am going to take a chance and subscribe;however, I am going to pay with a bank money order so I can trace it if I don't receive the mag. No way will I risk disclosing my bank info and pay by personal check. I've been researching this for three days. I've tried to identify by USPS business reply permit number and ever other way I can think of to find info.

    FYI, you can download individual issues for $5.00 from the website. You don't get the free kits or sewing accessories, but it's a great price. They even have a smartphone app for. WoCS!

  4. Sounds dodgy to me, be careful.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  5. If you're really interested in subscribing I would suggest going to the website:

    I've received a letter asking me to subscribe but I've learned to always go to the website to do it.

    Hope this helps.


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