Monday, January 16, 2012

a maiden appears!

I've been stitching away on Tree of Hope and finally took a picture of my recent progress.  The last time I posted about this piece was three months ago, and I had just finished the top of the tree!  After that, I did a bit of the trunk and put it away for ages.

See that blank spot in the middle of the tree trunk?  Everything under that AND the entire right side maiden were completed in the past week.  The maiden was started Friday night and finished Sunday morning.  I estimate she took about 15 hours... so that means the second maiden will be taking a little more time to show up, as I need a break!

It would be nice to have her companion done by this time next week, though...  I really felt like Tree of Hope was taking forever, but now I'm solidly past the halfway mark and I feel good about getting it done soon-ish!  Once the maidens are finished, there's some more flower and insect motifs, but the stitching is much less solid on those.  And then, of course, BEADS.  Billions of them. :p

Whew.  Ever feel like you spend more time thinking about what to stitch or drooling over your stash than you actually do stitching?  I wish I could be more focused and get more done!  Instead, I read blogs and get jealous over how much everyone stitches... well, duh, Rahenna, if you turned off the computer, you could do it too!

Okay, I'm off to give maiden #2 another arm. XD


  1. Very pretty! You don't see this one being stitched very much, so I am looking forward to see more. :)

  2. This is lovely, can't wait to see the second maiden and all the bling!

  3. this is truly so stunning..
    well done..
    hugs cucki xxxx

  4. The colours are truly beautiful. I know that there is a huge amount of stitching in this piece but it will be worth it when finished.

  5. The first maiden is lovely and I can't wait for the second one to join her. And then all the beads.. it's going to be gorgeous!

  6. Great job on Tree of Hope! I love the colors in this one, and I am looking forward to seeing more :)

  7. Rahenna, that's beautiful and you go the girl done is such great time!!!

    Spend time thinking of stitching instead of stitching??? ALL THE TIME!! LOL!!! Planning is just so much fun. LOL!

  8. Beautiful!!! I do the stash daydreaming all the time lol! you're among freinds lol


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