Saturday, January 28, 2012

it's DONE! :D

Tree of Hope is finally finished!  I just attached the last of the beads. :)

I didn't stitch the floral motif under the bumblebee for two reasons:
- The LNS cut my fabric too small for it to fit comfortably, despite me clearly specifying 2 free inches on each side. :x
- There's nothing else that low on the design, so I thought it might look unbalanced anyway.

Here's the full piece, followed by some detail shots.  I don't think I've seen this design completed before, so hopefully this will be interesting for everyone. :)  All can be clicked to enlarge!


 And finally, some thoughts/suggestions I'd offer to anyone interested in stitching this design.  Or myself, if I was actually crazy enough to stitch this again. :p

- add more orange beads to the lotus flower in the tree
- remove all mint green beads from the treetop (fill with Waterlilies 226 Seaglass)
- remove all light blue beads in the tree immediately above the bird (fill with logical tree color)
- make flower motifs on the left/right symmetrical (I did this as they are slightly asymmetrical on the chart, which looks sloppy/unbalanced)
- change flower bud in center of tree trunk to look more like a bud and less like a letter Y :p

I may still go back and take out the light blue beads above the bird.  I have no idea what they're supposed to represent.  The ones on the right could be an extension of the wing, but as for the columns of beads above the bird... why are those there?  My gut was to stitch that area and I should have gone with it.

But for now I'll just bask in the glory of the largest project I've ever finished. :)


  1. wow I liked this design when it came out and addeed it to my must stitch Mirabilia's list. I have been following your progress and WOW - it's the next one I'm doing!!! congratualations :) it's a pity the fabric was cut too small but as long as you like the finished product it's what counts and I honestly can't remember what's supposed to be there. It looks finished to me!!

  2. What a beautiful piece! You should be doing one big happy dance!! I love the beading most times but it can sometimes be overdone.

  3. Wow! It's gorgeous! Congrats on finishing this amazing project!

  4. A superb finish. Congratulations. I have never seen this stitched before.

  5. Congrats, Rahenna!! What a spectacular finish. :D

  6. That is looking very good.

    I think that the beads on the right are from the tail of the bird and the ones above are from the wing, like the bird is in flight?

    I hope that you can find a pretty frame for it.

    Hugs Yvon.

  7. It's beautiful, congrats on the finish!

  8. Wow that is gorgeous, congratulations on your finish

  9. wow it is so beautiful..i love it so much.
    well done xxx

  10. Rahenna, Tree of hope is beautiful. Congrats & Happy dancing! I would love to stitch this design. I love your idea of the Drawn Thread reward!

  11. It's beautiful! Congratulations on the finish. :)

  12. Congrats on the finish! It is gorgeous:)

  13. It is really beautiful! Congrats on the finish!

  14. Yours is the first actual finish I've seen of this design and I must say that it's really pretty. Congratulations!


  15. wow, gorgeous stitching :) such a wonderful finish.


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