Thursday, January 05, 2012

CJC is over for me :p

Ah, such a boring post since there's no pictures! I'll definitely have a finish or two to share later this week. :)

But this post is to say I'm giving up the Crazy January Challenge.  Now that I'm five days in, I've realized that I can't STAND having that many barely-started projects hanging around. Most of the things I've started so far are small, the sorts of projects I could finish in 3 days or less, but since the goal is to move on to something new every day, they get put aside. And that drives me NUTS, so I have to stop.

I'll still stitch everything from my list, but they'll be started and finished in a more controlled manner, which will allow them to serve as breaks from my larger WIPs.

Yeah, it's just a mental thing, but sanity is better than insanity.  I think. :p  I'll still be following the CJC Yahoo group with interest since I'm nosy like that!

I'm kind of bummed because my plan was to do a giveaway for all the patterns of the CJC projects as I finish them, but... I can still do that!  I love the idea of giving away all my finished patterns because, hey, let's be real:  I'm not going to stitch anything twice. :p

Back to the day five project... or maybe day one, hmm...


  1. Do things in your own manner and in the way you enjoy them the most! I kinda admire people who can stuck to one project until it's finished, I like to change what I work on, because I get bored. Good luck with all of your projects!

  2. Happy stitching dear..with lots of cucki Stitchy hugs.
    Love :)

  3. Hi Rahenna, Good decision for you. You know, that's the beauty of crafting - you should do what you want when you feel like it or the mood takes you. I know what you mean - I really enjoyed yesterday's stitching and it will be hard to start something new today. Also, I am really unsure as to how I am going to manage all my new starts when I go back to work on Monday. But, I suppose, for me, that challenge is all part of the fun.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  4. I totally understand where you are coming from. We all have to do things in our own way. Personally it would not suit me.

    I like to finish each project before I begin another. I get so wrapped up in a pattern.

  5. You absolutely need to do things the way you feel comfortable, otherwise you'll be miserable. Stitch and enjoy - you'll get to projects as you get to them!

  6. That is just why I never joined the CJC, I have enough trouble with multiple startitis on my own without anyone encouraging me. Do what works best for you I say

  7. I am having the same feelings, Rahenna. I haven't even started my day 6 project. I was saying on my facebook page that it almost feels wrong to be starting something new everyday!

    It's a great idea to give away your charts as you finish them. I might do that with some. A lot of my CJC starts are freebies, so I can't give those away, lol.

    Stitch in Peace knowing you are doing what you need to do...I may join you in that in a few days, if I last that long, haha. :)

  8. I totally see where you're coming from. I love starting new projects, but I have to get far enough along to see that all the colors are going to work well together. That's usually more than just a day or 2. So, even me with my horrible addiction of new starts, there's no way I could keep up with the CJC.

    Good choice, and I look forward to seeing what you have planned, but at your own pace!

  9. good luck with finishing your projects and starting them in a controlled manner.


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