Sunday, January 01, 2012

CJC - day 1

Before I post today's Crazy January Challenge progress, I actually had one more finish yesterday!  It wasn't much of one, though, since all the project needed was cording, but hey... why not list it?  Most of the stitching was done by the UFO RR last year, though, so I can't take credit for all of it.

Here we go!  Dimensions Oriental Butterfly all ready to be framed. :)

And today's CJC piece is Pumpkin Flower Sampler by Bent Creek.  All that's left is a bit more of the vine under the letters, then the big pumpkin at the top.  It's a good thing I saw pictures of this one finished online, or I'd never have started it... the model picture is in serious need of color correction.  It's so orange that the vines look brown instead of green, and you can't really tell that the letters and the specialty stitches are different colors.  Yuck.

So while I'm tempted to finish this up today, I don't feel like stitching until 1am.  Especially with Skyrim calling. :p

Happy new year, everyone! \o/


  1. Oriental butterfly is gorgeous - looking forward to seeing what you have stitched for Day 1 of CJC.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. I do like your butterfly, beautiful. Looking forward to seeing Pumpkin finished. A good start to 2012.

  3. Oriental butterfly is gorgeous, congrats! (Even if you didn't stitch it all by yourself.) Good luck with Crazy January, looking forward to seeing a new project every day!

  4. wow beautiful butterfly finish..i love it so much and great start..
    sending you stitchy hugs xx

  5. The butterfly is gorgeous, and the pumpkin seemslike a cute project too! Those speciality stitches look pretty cool :D

  6. What a lovely finish :D I really love that Dimensions kit :D, and what an amazing progress on your Crazy :)

  7. What a lovely finish and a wonderful start.

  8. absolutely gorgeous finish. I'm loving that butterfly


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