Wednesday, December 07, 2011

thread stash!

Man, the mail is SLOW around this time of year!  This package was shipped by Priority on November 30 and I didn't get it until last night... that's one week!  Does not bode well for shipping satisfaction ratings when I mail my eBay stuff... but I'm sure people expect that.  I hope!  I do enjoy selling stuff on eBay, I recycle the money into stitchy stash and other goodies so I don't have to touch the "real" budget when I want to indulge.

So, yes, this bit of stash is powered by... stuff I didn't want anymore. :p  These are the rest of the threads I needed for my Crazy January starts, and since they looked so pretty, why not share a picture? :)

Most of the Kreinik is for one design (Hope by Brooke Nolan) - crazy, right?  CRAZY SHINY! :p

Unfortunately, that's all to report for today.  But everyone loves stash!


  1. yup..i love stash too ;)
    great stash..yummyyy threads..
    hugs..have fun xx

  2. Beautiful! And it's true - EVERYONE loves some stash :) Can't wait to see the sparkly starts!

  3. Great stash, looking forward to seeing the sparkly one

  4. So much sparkly! such gorgeous colours

  5. Love the new stash!! Great colours and it's awesome that it was "recycled" :D


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