Thursday, December 01, 2011

November/December goals

Time to see how I failed last month. XD

November 2011:
- send all exchange packages by the 15th - YES, all shipped on the 15th, delivered on the 17th
- finish Amaryllis kit - NO, did some stitching but didn't finish it
- finish Butterfly Scroll kit - NO, didn't touch it
- make visible progress on Tree of Hope - how about NO progress? :p
- WIN NANO - YES, and this was more than enough to make up for everything I didn't do!

So, new goals...

December 2011:
- finish Wisteria
- finalize Crazy January list (I blame my exchange gifts :p)
- gather/organize Crazy January materials
- finish Amaryllis kit
- finish Butterfly Scroll kit

I'd realllllly like to finish another big project this year, but I have to be realistic.  Visiting my family for a week over Christmas carves out a chunk of time... though I'll bring a project with me.

And here's my current progress on Wisteria.  I'm working on the purple flower at the bottom.


  1. great progress on is looking so beautiful..
    good luck with your december goals.
    keep well.

  2. Good luck with your goals this month!


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