Sunday, December 18, 2011

IHSW... went a little crazy :p

Well.  No progress on any of my large projects, but I stitched three more ornaments and the TW fob is finished!  Can't take any credit for the finishing, my GF always helps with that, but I did stitch all of them! :p

So we have...
- Christmas Candles (freebie from Elizabeth's Designs)
- Celtic Inspiration ornament (freebie from Teresa Wentzler)
- Angel Ornament (Paw Printings) ...but the fabric is green, not grey!
- Angel Wreath (freebie from Abi Gurden)

The candles and wreath are stitched on the pretty fabric that Ruth sent me in our exchange... probably the fastest I've ever used a piece of fabric! :p

Now, of course, the rest need to be finished...

And maybe I'll stitch something else today!  I dunno, I should really be packing for vacation.  I'll be away from tomorrow until the 26th.  Of course, I'm bringing a project with me, so maybe I can have yet another finish before the end of the year! *greedy* :D


  1. aww so many cute ornaments..i love them all so much..
    hugs and love cucki xx

  2. Love your ornaments! Very pretty! :)

  3. They're so pretty! I love them <3

  4. They look lovely, you've done loads this weekend.

  5. Lovely! I love the specialty stitches :)

  6. Rahenna, they are all so cute. Love the Teresa Wentzler ornie!! The stitching and finishing on all of them is just wonderful.

  7. Your ornaments are gorgous, I really like the angel.
    Happy Holidays

  8. All your ornaments turned out great! My favorite is the Candle one :)

  9. Those ornaments came out really well - that was a lot of stitching to get done!

  10. My My! You did have a productive stitchy weekend didn't you? Love the ornaments! I saw Abi posted a free chart for the members, but I haven't had the chance to see it yet. Now that I've seen your stitching, I like it. It is a beauty. I'll need to stitch that soon.

    Enjoy your vacation. :)


  11. Holy moly, girl... you did a LOT of stitching this weekend! :D Everything looks wonderful.

    Enjoy your vacay!!!

  12. My oh my! You got a lot done!! I love all the little designs you made up and all those pretty specialty stitches!!

    Funny word verification for today:


    hmm...Christmas spirit?

  13. so very cute ornaments <3<3<3


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