Monday, December 05, 2011

ho hum

I'm having a bit of a cranky day, not for any particular reason, so maybe a stitching post will help.  Or maybe I should go fondle my stash!  Which reminds me, maybe my threads will be here today... too bad the mail doesn't come until late afternoon! :p

Even though Wisteria is stitching up fast, I'm not sure I can finish in time for Christmas.  I've finished most of the first two pages, the left side of the design, but there's still some leaves to go before I'm truly done with those pages, not just at the bottom but also on the right side of the stem.  Those cross over onto the right side pages, but still...

But anyway, I'm happy with how the flower closeup came out!  The colors looked a little odd until I started working with them... wasn't sure how the darker colors in the center were going to come out.  Not bad. :)

I feel like I want to start something new, but considering my list of WIPs and the fact that I'll have Crazy Janaury to take care of all my startitis, I will resist!  Sometimes it's tough to have all your WIPs be big projects, though... I feel like I'll never get to start anything new ever again. :p

Oh, yes, and I have a fall theme now because... hey, it's still warm here in Texas! :p


  1. It's looking very pretty! I love the colors!

    I know what you mean about Texas weather. One day it's hot, the next day kind of chilly. It's more like fall than winter. I love the cooler temps but I hate the sinus/allergy problems that the winds bring with them.

  2. hello dear,,it is looking so pretty..i love it so much..
    here the weather is very lovely now..little bit cloudy but nice..
    sending you hugs xx

  3. Love this piece, Rahenna. The colors are spectacular.

  4. It's still warm here in New England - it was in the 60s today. In December!


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