Sunday, December 11, 2011

exchange with Ruth!

My final ornament exchange has arrived safe and sound!  I actually received it earlier this week but kept forgetting to take pictures until it was late, and I prefer taking pictures when the sun is out! :)  This exchange is from Ruth, and man, I'm jealous of her amazing finishing technique!

I received the ornament, a lovely card (beautiful art!), a piece of metallic fabric that will make another great ornament, and four skeins of Waterlilies in pretty seasonal colors!  I really wish I'd thought to include some threads in my outgoing swaps.  NEXT TIME for sure! :)

A closeup of the main event!  This little pillow is perfectly stuffed and edged with beads!  I hope that I'll be able to do such a good job finishing someday.  I wish you could feel just how plump this ornament is!  The beaded edging is beautiful and looks great. :)

And here's what I sent to Ruth!  A Teresa Wentzler ornament, a scissor fob (made by me!), and two seasonal charts, plus a greeting card.  I must say, the netting stitches on this ornament made me a little crazy, but the result was worth it.

And that wraps up my ornament exchanges for this year!  I should really post a picture of my ornament tree one of these days... but it's still pretty empty along the bottom.  I'll definitely be doing more swaps in the future, but not four at once... that was a bit much!  Maybe just one or two for Valentine's Day?

I went to my LNS yesterday and drooled over all the ornaments that were on their tree... the thing was covered in them, and there were more all over the store.  Ah, jealousy. :p

Of course, I came home with STASH, but I put it all away before I thought of taking a picture.  Bah!  It was mostly threads again, some for a few of the Brooke Nolan angels from JCS magazine plus a few stray DMC I was missing.  Also grabbed a Mirabilia muse (Caprice, I think) and the new Merchant Mermaid, which I'll try stitching without the anchor medallion at the bottom.  Tail reconstructive surgery time! :p

I made huge progress on Wisteria, but I'll save that for next time.  Enjoy the swaps for now! :D


  1. wow beautiful exchange gifts both sent and received..
    keep for you
    hugs cucki xx

  2. Beautiful exchanges that you sent one another! :)

  3. Two beautiful exchange ornaments

  4. Both of the exchange ornaments look great!

  5. Those are both beautiful exchanges, great job both ways!


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