Thursday, December 01, 2011

exchange with Measi!

Imagine my excitement when I came home last night and discovered another exchange package on my doorstep!  Of course, I snatched it up and opened it within seconds of getting through the door.  This exchange is from Measi of WIPocalypse infamy. :D  Which reminds me that I should get cracking on those link buttons...

But first!  Look and be amazed by how spoiled I am! XD

The full package!  I'm definitely stitching both of these designs.  Maybe I'll have to rearrange my Crazy January Challenge a bit...  And threads!  I LOVE Crescent Colours, I've built up quite a stash but all of these colors are new to me.  Thanks Measi! :D

Lest we forget the main event, check out this amazing ornament!  This is also a Teresa Wentzler design, and I love how there's so much color!  I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but I think the hanger is a type of kumihimo braid, it looks awesome in person. :D

And a shot of the pretty back (why didn't I think to back my exchanges?) with all those gorgeous threads in the background.  Talk about spoiled, right?

And finally, here's what I sent as my half of the exchange!
Measi, stop reading if you haven't opened it yet! :p

This ornament is also a TW design (good taste, what can I say?), and I included two winter charts and a scissor fob that sort of matches the ornament.  Not pictured, but I also sent my extra copy of Cirque des Cercles (don't ask, haha) as a thanks for being such an amazing moderator/cat-herder for several round robins I participated in over the last couple of years. :)

Just one more exchange left.  I hope it gets here soon!


  1. Oh Rahenna, you are so lucky! :) Everything is just beautiful. (Can't wait to see your WIPocalypse buttons, too!) :)

  2. wow beautiful exchange gifts xx

  3. Yay! So happy you got it! (The "Everyone brings joy..." was a duplicate of mine!)

    The ornament was completely grab-from-stash color. I doubt I could even recreate it.

    The braid is actually how I normally braid my hair. :) It's a four parter - under two, over one, repeat from other side. It makes it into a great rope effect.

    Opening yours came with a funny story. My cats may still be traumatized. I don't know. :)

  4. It looks like both of you had an absolutely joyful exchange, with some lovely items.


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