Friday, November 18, 2011

Wisteria... and stash!

Finally updating!  I finished my Loopy Beaded Scarf (knit project) but I don't have a picture as it hasn't been blocked yet... need to get more pins before that sucker can be stretched!

I caved and showed my GF what I'm making her for Christmas, because I just wasn't making ANY progress by trying to stitch during the day.  I've been all NaNo all the time during the days, and in the evenings I couldn't work on it because... GF is home. :p  There was no way I could finish on time that way, so I gave in and showed her...

Here's what it'll be when I finish!

And my progress!  Before I showed her, all I had was the green stem, the bottom two leaves, and the darker branch that runs diagonally from the stem toward the bottom right.  I've spent TWO NIGHTS on it since then, look how much has been completed!  Almost three times what I started with now!

And if this looks different from the model pic, it's because I changed the very dark brown in the leaves/flowers to a lighter brown so it wasn't so stark. :)

Okay, you say, that's nice, but where's the STASH?  Well, I found a message board post from someone who was selling some fabrics, including some Sugar Maple Fabrics.  I've never met a piece of SMF I didn't like, so I had to snag a few.  I used to wonder what the big deal was about SMF, but once I got my hands on my very first piece, they instantly became my favorites.  Just look at the amazing colors!

Sadly, I've never STITCHED on a piece of SMF yet (despite having about, er, ten pieces of the stuff...) but that's got to change.  My next start will be on SMF or else!

Okay, back to the NaNo dungeon... up to 31k words and I've hit a sweet spot where I have two VERY easy chapters going at once, both of which will end up being super long.  Finally, all that struggle earlier this month is paying off! <3


  1. hello dear, great progress on your stitching is looking so sweet..
    i love the fabric so much..very yummy colors..
    have fun dear..
    have a lovely weekend..hugs xx

  2. Thank you Cucki, your comments are always so sweet! :) We can be stitching together in spirit this weekend with IHSW!

  3. SMF here you come!

    Your wisteria is both stunning and daunting. I wish you well on it.

  4. OOOh, I love the Sugar Maple Fabric - now I just have to work out how to get some here in Oz!..
    Your WIP is looking lovely, too.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  5. I love the Wisteria piece, its going to be stunning! Good choice in swapping out the dark brown for a paler shade.

  6. The wisteria picture is lovely, great fabric stash too

  7. Wisteria looks great, and yummy fabbies!!! What will your first one be? ;)

  8. Joyce, I'm going to do Bluebeard's Princess on the brownish-pink fabric on the far left of the picture. :D


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