Sunday, November 27, 2011

IHSW... finally!

Hopefully I can cheat a bit and say that Tuesday through Friday was my IHSW, since I wasn't able to participate on the actual weekend due to NaNo and packing for a trip to visit family.  I took my wisteria project with me and actually spent the entire flight over working on it.  Only two hours, but it went by fast because my hands were busy!

I put in a few more hours on Wednesday and Friday too (spent Thursday eating lots of Thanksgiving noms!) and ended up making quite a bit of progress!

I'd say this is about 20% complete so far.  Definitely do-able by Christmas, since NaNo is done at the end of November and I can devote time to stitching again. :D

I started another knitting project, but again, there's nothing to see yet so... no pics!


  1. Hi Rahenna,

    Were you travelling within the U.S? Are you allowed to take embroidery needles on planes?

    cheers, Kaye

  2. Yes, I was traveling from one US state to another. The TSA website says you can bring stuff needed for needlework in the carry on. I got the info here:

    I just brought two needles stuck into the fabric, no one even questioned them. I didn't bring any type of scissors at all, though, just left my tails hanging and cut them when I got back on the ground.

  3. aww so beautiful..i love it.
    hugs for you xx

  4. Wisteria is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Looks great, Rahenna. Love it.


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